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Chemical Peels


Chemical Peels services offered in Tomball, TX

A chemical peel smooths away roughness and other texture issues (like large pores) while evening out the tone of your skin. With regular chemical peels at Tourmaline Skin Care & Laser in Tomball, Texas, you can enjoy smoother and brighter skin. Gladys McClain, LSO, and her team also provide a similar alternative treatment called SWiCH Dermal Revitalization System®. To learn more about these treatments and how they benefit your skin, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Chemical Peels Q&A

What are chemical peels?


Chemical peels are popular treatments that transform your skin by causing it to shed layers of dead cells on the surface. Tourmaline Skin Care & Laser offers Circadia™ chemical peels that contain high-quality ingredients to exfoliate your skin with minimal or no irritation and inflammation. 


Unlike other chemical peels, Circadia peels don’t involve any stinging sensation or flaking and peeling after the treatment. Still, they leave you with refreshed skin and a renewed glow. 


Aside from the peel itself, the process of getting a chemical peel at Tourmaline Skin & Laser also involves a deep cleanse, extractions, high frequency treatment (if needed), a mask, and a finishing product. It all takes just one hour. 


When should I consider getting a chemical peel?


There are plenty of reasons why you might think about getting a chemical peel. They can erase or minimize several features that might stand out to you on your skin, including:

  • Large pores

  • Fine lines

  • Certain types of acne

  • Age spots

  • Freckles

  • Melasma

  • Sun damage

  • Scars

The chemical peel results in smoother and brighter skin while making your skin more receptive to nourishing serums, moisturizers, and other products. 


Are there any alternatives to a chemical peel?


Not everyone is comfortable with the process of getting a chemical peel. You might have particularly sensitive skin that reacts to the chemicals, or you might be hesitant about the healing process that happens after certain peels.


To get the same result as a chemical peel but with a different process, Tourmaline Skin Care & Laser offers treatment with the SWiCH Dermal Revitalization System. Also from Circadia, this treatment includes cleansing, a mask, and a finishing product to make your skin glow. It primarily works by stimulating your skin’s natural repair processes. 


Just like a chemical peel, you can get SWiCH treatments regularly to maintain beautiful, smoother skin. These treatments take just 75 minutes, and with no downtime, you can easily fit them into your routine. 


A chemical peel gives your skin an enhancing transformation you can’t get by using the products you have at home. Book your chemical peel consultation over the phone or online at Tourmaline Skin Care & Laser today.

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